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December 1, 2009

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Ropes On A Boat

January 19, 2011

 The training below is one that I share with people across the country in Coaching Calls and Live Events.  I learned this important philosphy from one of my awesome mentors. Below the “Philosophy” are some Practical Ideas to help you and your team grow your business to the next level and BEYOND! I have learned that this is an easy way to explain why it seems that sometimes our downline (or ourselves) are not achieving the Success in their business that we and they know that they can! 

Many things can hinder our ability to move our business forward and achieve the success we desire.
Follow this short exercise and then look at the photos below for an illustration on what can be holding YOU back in achieving all the Success you want and deserve!

Grab a piece of paper and on your paper, draw a river.   Now, you may be an awesome artist.  However, if you are like me, don’t worry.  It doesn’t have to be accurate, or professional, just to help you get a visual… draw some squiggly river lines! 

Picture the river, it is swiftly moving, sparkling in the sun, free flowing and will carry anything along  in it easily and smoothly.    

Next, imagine that there is a Dock on the river and a Boat is tethered to the dock with 5 or 6 ropes.  Draw a square next to the river to symbolize a dock and then draw a boat… Just a triangle sail, stick for a mast and a square for the boat bottom  is fine.   Now, go ahead and draw the boat fastened to the dock with some ropes. 

The boat can effortlessly move forward down the river only after ALL the ropes are cut.

The river is our business. We are the boat. The ropes are the things that hold us back in our business.

The ropes are things like:

Poor self image

Lack of presentation skills

Inability to find prospects or need to learn new skills to find prospects

Lack of belief

No way to afford more brochures to share

Poor time management

Fear of rejection, the phone, fear of people, etc

Other ropes can be things like:

Lack of a plan

Not enough experience with the products

Not staying plugged into support system

Lack of consistency



We have to first acknowledge that we have some “issues”, some “ropes” that we need to deal with.

Next, we need to identify which beliefs, habits and attitudes are holding us back.  Sometimes it’s habits and activities that at one time seemed good but are no longer serving us in achieving our goals.

Finally, we have to begin to cut through these binding ropes, and it take some time.   If you are like me, some of these ropes, these self-limiting beliefs can feel like they are heavy steel cables!

As we do this, and the ropes fall away from the boat to the dock, our boat, our business will begin go grow at a faster pace, encouraging us to step out in confidence and develop new skills that will lead us to Success!

I took the pictures below in Jamaica while Cruising with my family a few months ago!   Take a look at the size of these ropes!

Some of the “Ropes” that hold us back are Really Big!


We have to cut through all of our “Ropes” – our Self – Limiting Beliefs before we can become Successful. 

Leaders know that this business is really simple.  In fact, there are really only two things we need to do.
  1. Find people to Talk to
  2. Tell them some things to guide them to becoming  a customer, a helper, or a rep on our team

 The first step is helping them find people to talk to.So here are some easy ways, pretty much rejection free, that we can use to find some people to talk to.

  1. Develop a Signature File for your email – even if you already have one, does each of your team?  
  2. Meet with your downline – face to face, to develop relationships, train and ask for referrals.
  3. Say “What’s New With You”?  to someone you know and if they ask back… tell them a short version of how we joined our company and how it has affected our lives – then ask them – so, what do you think?
  4. Be sure to have brochures and samples with us daily as we are out and about – make your prospecting a part of your daily life!
  5. Chatting with people in Restaurants, at the Grocery store, etc
  6. Waiting rooms of all types ask.;”so what do you do”?  (For people you do not know)
  7. Product sampling at vendor and trade shows and expos, gyms, health clubs, any place people gather.  Pass out some samples for a Customer appreciation day.
  9. Attention getting device..button, car sign, iron on logo on canvas shopping bags.

      Something that gets them to ask about your business or products10,  My favorite –  5 magic words… AND, OH, BY THE WAY!Quote of the Week – “Fear Causes Hesitation and Hesitation will cause our worst fears to come true.”Action trumps fear every time.  Sitting around thinking about it causes more fear.  Just pick one. Of your “ropes, or one of the intentions that are not serving you” and start action, get momentum going, then get some feedback so you can become better!Here’s to Your Success!
Sue Mazza


November 29, 2009
I had a Facebook friend ask me a question, one that I get asked alot, probably almost daily by someone either on or offline.

The question was – how do I grow my business and find more customers?

The first thing I recommend is – Complete your training with your particular business opportunity. So many people start their new direct sales/network marketing business by purchasing their starter kit and then rushing out blindly to embarrass themselves in front of their friends and family. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, but “Ignorance on Fire” is not the best choice when you can keep, even grow your excitement for your new business as you learn about your products and learn some skills to grow your business! Kind of like a baby learning to walk… so much to learn before you can run!

Most companies have “getting started” training for new representatives. For example, courses like: Becoming a Top Seller, Marketing your Business and Growing your E-Business! :)

In our coaching call series, we cover several fun and exciting ways to find new customers FAST! We even have a list of over 100 places to leave your brochures, flyers, catalogs and samples!

Next, make your list of your current contacts. Sometimes when I ask people to do this on our initial appointment, they’ll only write down 5 or 6 names. That is, until I ask them to pull out their cellphone and start working from that! Most people know hundreds, if not thousands of people! Sometimes we’ve forgotten that many too! Memory Joggers are great. Things like.. start with A – who do you know that is an Attorney or Accountant? B – Babysitter, C- Cook or Counsellor – you get the idea.

And, as you have heard the fortune’s in the followup, it really is. I personally know people who start each sales cycle with nothing, but when it’s time to place the order, have HUGE sales because they have followed up with their current and prospective customers. Successful Sellers are simply those who prospect, present and follow up more than unsuccessful Representatives. I teach that everywhere I go and it always proves to be true.

I always believe that learning with your mind and learning through our actions should go hand in hand, so here are 5 great ways to grow your customer base.

1. Remember when you were a girl or boyscout?

The Motto “BE PREPARED” is so important when working your business! Have your brochures, flyers, samples, labelled and ready to go each day. Maybe you want to take a half hour the night before to have a box of catalogs and samples ready to go the next morning. You can label brochures while you watch TV even! Then, get that box into your car, right next to you in the front seat and ready to go. Flyers, catalogs, samples and business cards do us no good if they stay in our office!2. Ask for Help. Find Helpers for your Business. From kids who will pass out flyers at parades, to a friend who will take on a route of bulletin boards at coffee shops and laundromats to travel to weekly and replenish your notes and flyers, to friends who work and can take a brochure or samples to work with them and leave them in the break room, helpers can multiply your business efforts! Reward them with a small product gift or a small discount. Some may even like it enough to become a distributor on your team as well!


3. Target Your Market!

EVERYONE is NOT a prospect for your business, no matter how great you think it is. You will turn people off by poorly focused prospecting efforts. If you sell cosmetics or skincare – who is your market? Mostly women. Where will you find groups of women? Daycares, schools, medical offices, etc. And you’ll find them in groups! One of my “Lazy Lady’s Secrets to Success”! Is it easier to travel to 10 people to present your product or service? Or to Travel to One Place with 10 People? (This is one strategy that we have fun with as we teach it in our coaching series) If you sell Diet Products, where might you find people interested in losing weight? Gyms, Health Clubs, Doctor’s Offices, Chiropractors (for their bad backs and knees), even Dunkin Donuts! Who knows, by the time they are on their third boston creme donut, they might like to read your literature! Target your market and save time and money while you help people who are interested in your product or opportunity.

4. Do you collect business cards? Perhaps you have them neatly filed away, or like I used to, in stacks with rubber bands holding them together! Let’s dust them off and begin to contact them! Perhaps some cards are from people already in your business! Start connecting and sharing ideas – who knows that one of you will have an idea that will help the other? Or, are some potential customers or team members? Develop an email that’s short and sweet to direct them to your website and send out 5 a day. You can just change the name and email as you go from your template, so it will only take a few minutes. Easy to do, Easy Not to do. This is one of those slight edge activities that can make you alot of money, IF you take the time to do it!

5. Add a signature line to everything you send out online. You can easily do this in most email programs. Just click on the HELP button in whatever email program you are using and type signature in the search box. Easy to follow directions will come up for you to get this up and running in minutes. You can include a link to your website, a short one or two lines about your business and your contact information. Now, every email you send, whether it’s for business, or just to pass a joke along, will have valuable information about your business for everyone to see!

There are SO many more ideas! From Long Distance Prospecting, to Peer Networking Groups, to practicing the Power of 1, the most important thing is to pick two or three prospecting ideas that are comfortable for you and use them every single day!

Here’s To Your Success!

Sue Mazza
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Secrets To Success Training CD and NEW Mastermind To Success CD, now Available!

November 29, 2009

Secrets To Success training CD

With perseverance comes success.  Here’s the second in a series of great new training CDs!

People ask me all the time how they can build a big Avon business like mine.

On Secrets To Success I share ways I’ve helped my team grow to almost 1000 representatives across the country!   You’ll learn prospecting tips and techniques, leadership skills and how to grow your business REALLY BIG!

Mastermind To Success shows you how you can get other leaders to share their best ideas with you so that all of you can take your business to the next level!   You’ll love this!

The price for both of these new training tools is $29.95.

Although, there’s a Limited Introductory Price of $20.00!

You can also learn more about these and other products at

AVON 2010 Convention- early details!

November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 8:58am

I just found out that the Avon convention will be held in Sunny Las Vegas on April 14, and 15, 2010 at the Paris Hotel!

Convention will begin on the afternoon of the 14th so you can fly in that day!
Convention will end with dinner on the 15th, so you might want to fly home on the 16th so you can relax with all your friends!

Several of you have requested a workshop while we’re there, so I’m working on that for Friday night, or possibly Friday morning.   Comment below or email me if you want details!

Hotel partners are Bally’s (attached to Paris for ez access), Circus Circus and Treasure Island. You can also get great rates booking rooms directly at Paris by going to their website!

Convention details will be on so keep an eye out. Convention Registration Fee is $99 and includes dinner on the 15th. That’s an introductory Price so book your ticket now! :)

Bring your friends, bring your team, bring your walking shoes and get ready to learn some great ideas to help you grow your Avon biz! :)

Here’s to Your Success!

Sue Mazza

Funny Story on how you can tell a “BLUE” Personality Type.

November 17, 2009
Saturday, November 17, 2009 at 1:17pm .
The other day, I was talking with my 17 year old daughter (almost 18) about Tom ” Big Al” Schreiter’s Personality Colors cd’s where he shares about the different personality types and how to communicate effectively with them
And she asked, “What color am I?”Her older sister, Rachel and I looked at her and Rachel said “Well, you’re “BLUE”And Steph said.. “What does that mean?”


“Well, blues like to party, they like to have a good time and they like to make sure that everyone else has a good time.” said Rachel,, then she continued

“But sometimes they don’t like to get all the facts.. and sometimes they miss some really important facts along the way”

Then, believe it or not, Stephanie said.. “Who needs facts when there’s a party?”


So you see, it’s easy to recognize the blue personality :-)

What “Color” Would You Like To Learn To Recognize Next?

I have a few of Tom “BIG AL” Schreiter’s Personality Colors CD sets left. Let me know if you ‘d like a set. They are $20 for a set of two cd’s, plus $5 shipping. You can paypal me with your address at and I’ll get them right out to you!   You’ll also get a free  cd download of my interview with Aussie Internet Expert Mark Davis on “How to Grow Your Facebook Friends for Fun and Profit!”    We maxed out the lines on this special call with more than 100 people dialing in from all over the world!   Now you can have it for yourself!Or, you can get them at Don’t forget to sign up for BIG AL’s Free Sponsoring Tips Newsletter!
Here’s To Your Success!Sue Mazza
CEO, SuccessfulYou,Inc.

Today, I left my shoes.

November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 2:36am 

Today, I tossed my favorite pair of sandals in the trash.Boy, I loved those shoes. Cushiony wedge bottom, fashionable 2 inch with thong. Perfect for summer. Well, actually, at least a couple of summers. Those shoes went with everything.

On one of my recent business trips, at the airport, I caught the heel in the automatic door while dashing for my plane and pulled the “tip” right off. No worries, I pulled my suitcase over to the side and pounded the tip back into the heel and headed off to catch my Southwest flight.

I loved those shoes. Problem was, they really were getting worn to the bone.

No, these aren’t my sandals, but they are a good example of WORN OUT SHOES!
Last week I, as I was busy moving between appointments, helping new team members get started and working with current leaders to grow their business, I hopped out of my car and tripped. I didn’t fall, but it seemed like I had “Stubbed my shoe”, kindof like stubing your toe. When I looked closer, I noticed that the front of the sandal had split and I had caught the edge of the split as I hopped out of the car.I took a closer look. Man, these shoes were worn. Sigh, it was time. They sat in the car, like an old friend, on the passenger seat floor for a couple of days. Then, as my weekly “trash day” arrived at my house, I knew I had to do it. Before I tripped again, before I almost went sprawling facedown in an airport or a new team member’s driveway as I got out of the car, I knew I had to toss those shoes.

Yes, they had served me well, but it was time to move on. Time for something new. It was hard to leave those shoes behind in the trash, but I realized that although they were comfortable, although they were familiar, although, for a long time, they had served me well, they didn’t serve me any longer.

I started thinking. Habits and thoughts and attitudes are like those shoes. When we first acquire them, they may seem a bit unfamiliar, perhaps even uncomfortable. But after awhile, they are like that old pair of shoes, well worn into my comfort zone.

But, like my shoes, sometimes those habits, attitudes and beliefs no longer serve us. As we grow, as we develop, sometimes we need to develop new philosophies and take new actions as the old ones don’t serve us any longer.

What habits to you have that aren’t helping you move forward in your relationships, your business, your finances?

What beliefs do you have that are holding you back from REALLY, FINALLY GOING FULL FORCE WITH YOUR CHOSEN BUSINESS?

Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to toss them out like old shoes. Yes, we have to “break in” those new ideas, thoughts, attitudes and habits. And, it might be a bit unfamiliar, maybe a tad uncomfortable, just like a new pair of shoes. But maybe, it’s for the best. Maybe, it’s time for you.

I did it. You can too.

And now, I LOVE my new pair of shoes. And it’s hard to imagine I kept those old ones for so long.

And in the same way, as I’ve committed to personal growth, to developing philosophies and actions of leverage, service and consistency, I can move confidently in the direction of my dreams.

I don’t want to live with old shoes, or with disappointment or regret. So, as Mark Twain says:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


Sue Mazza


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